International Student Health Insurance

International Student Insurance provides healthcare benefits to international students studying abroad at foreign universities and educational institutions. International students at US universities and in Study Abroad Programs in foreign countries are eligible for these plans. International Student Health Insurance plans provide coverage for hospitalization, doctor office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation.

Our International Student Insurance plans are underwritten by trusted and reputable insurance giants like Nationwide, Lloyds, AIG etc. Plans meet or exceed the requirements laid out by foreign and US Universities.

International Student Health Insurance

International Student Insurance

If you are a participant of a ‘Study Abroad Program’ or an International Student at a ‘US University or School’ then you can protect yourselves from unplanned medical expenses by enrolling under one of our International Student Health Insurance plans. International Student Insurance plans can be purchased online for the required duration of the educational program.

Almost all International Student Health Insurance plans offer online renewal of coverage if you would like to purchase coverage in quarterly or semi-annual increments.

Health Insurance for International Students

Health Insurance for International Students is often a mandatory requirement imposed by US Universities and foreign Educational Institutions. Most foreign and US universities do not want to bear the medical expenses of international students enrolled in their programs. International Students are required to have adequate international student health insurance protection. Many universities require international students complete a health insurance waiver form to demonstrate adequate coverage.

We at can complete the International Student Insurance waiver form and send it to the appropriate department at the University or Educational Institution.

Health Insurance International Student

Our affordable & cheap International Student Insurance provides coverage for hospitalization, surgery, doctor office visits, medical evacuation and prescription drugs. All International Student Insurance plans are tailored to fit the tight budgets of international students and the unique needs of the study abroad programs.

Optional coverage for hazardous risks and sports activities are available at additional premium.

Insurance Resources

NRIOL.NET permits international travelers to compare visitor insurance quotes from various companies. International students can consider these plans for their family members when they visit USA from foreign countries. These plans can cover traveler’s medical expenses arising from a sickness or an accident.


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