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  • Thursday, February 21, 2019

Adequate health insurance is a prerequisite for international students at an overseas university. But do you have to sign up to the university’s own program? Can you choose your own international student health insurance? The answer is yes, but you need to make sure it fits.

International student health insurance is a mandatory requirement because universities don’t want to bear the brunt of medical bills incurred by their overseas students. You are required to have adequate insurance coverage and many people opt for the easy option of the university’s own program. But you can choose your own – just demonstrate your health insurance meets the requirements by filling out a health insurance waiver form.

Choosing your own international student health insurance gives you more choice and flexibility. Coverage can be tailored to meet your needs and include provision for hospitalization, doctor visits, surgery, prescription drugs, mental health services and optional hazardous risks and sports. You may even find a better deal for your tight student budget.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to deal with your university’s procedures – zInternationalStudent.com can fill in the International Student Insurance waiver form and mail it to the appropriate department at your university or institution.

The center of attention of study by international students in graduate schools shifts from information to dreams. A lot of potential international graduate students do not discern what to expect from U.S. graduate programs even if such students have bagged bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college.

On the other hand, there is even bigger transition to make by international students that are new to the American higher education system. Students are characteristically asked questions for which a sole correct elucidation or answer may not exist in American graduate programs, while reiterating and obtaining vast amounts of information often assured success in an undergraduate program.
One of the most difficult things to get used to by international students is going into an examination without having the correct solutions to questions asked even though a lot of them have succeeded in the past for the fact that they knew the right answers.
The best way for international students to succeed in the United States graduate programs is to gain knowledge of how to separate the failure of an idea from a sense of failure and adjust to a diverse set of expectations. Here are some common challenges faced by international students when learning to adjust to these expectations.

1. Drawing and Accepting your own Conclusions
International students can be unenthusiastic or even afraid of condemning ideas held by those people who have greater authority or experience than themselves. They are always in total disagreement and doubts with the interpretation of their superiors but have no full confidence to criticize – even when they are asked to make their opinions known.
You must be able to draw your own conclusions in order to answer questions posed to you by professors when you present your research proposal. In other words, do not accept other people’s conclusions and presuppose that a superior understands more than you do. As soon as you do that, you will have problem adjusting to different set of expectations.

2. Getting Research Knowledge
The acceptance into high-ranked Ph.D. programs is always possible without research knowledge, as it is not all graduate programs necessitate students to complete a research project. A lot of people in the academic terrain think that research knowledge is more desirable compared to any number of examinations or hard courses. As an international student, endeavor to carry out a research project or thesis even when it is not needed.

3. Creating Expert Friendships
For the reason that they want to get additional time for a journey back home, a lot of international students leave out trips to the local tavern on Friday night or miss the departmental holiday parties. This is rather a blunder for the reason that it is at these social events that professional relationships are formed. The people with whom international students wanted to make friends are either working with them as part of their research team, or taking similar classes with them.

Therefore, international students should be on comparatively proverbial terms with the professional friends they have created for the fact that it is at such social gathering that news concerning upcoming conferences, job offers and other valuable tips on the best way to study for that peculiar professor’s examinations are made available. 

You can request for soda and have tête-à-tête with people at the events if you are an international student who doesn’t drink. Your dietary or religious restrictions will not prevent you from enjoying your time networking because you will discover that the majority of those who work in American universities are aware of cultural differences.

4. Appreciating the Significance of Homework
Quite a lot of international students are not familiar with the idea of the rated homework further than their high school. As a result, they never look forward to the deadline for homework assignments that are gravely imposed until they see a student score zero on the assignment that was submitted behind schedule. As a matter of fact, you will be told before hand the assignments that will contribute toward your final grade and those that will only do you good.

There are no single answers to graduate homework assignments every now and then. The approach you adopt as well as the creativity you exhibit in your solution is what determines your grade. You must feel free to converse your approach or method with the lecturer that gave you the homework except being purposely instructed otherwise.

Finally, it can be easier said than done to adjust to being an international graduate student initially. However, it gets easier if you attend lectures, participate in seminars, meetings, discuss with others – your fellow students, lecturers as well as senior graduate students to ensure that you are attending the correct classes and doing what are correct at the right time.

It can be challenging to manage graduate classes and have a life at the same time. This is due to the fact that a lot of international students have felt besieged by school work.
It is tough to attend social activities or catch up with friends when that happens. You will discover that you didn’t have a chance to breathe because you were so busy with school program every day.  It always takes international students quite a while to become conscious of the significance of social activities, although life is not only on the subject of partying, studying or working. You will accomplish your work with less effort when you discover how to manage academics and social activities as international student.
Here are the tricks to balance academics and social activities.
Develop your time-management skills
It is important for college students to become skilled at time-management if they want to boast of a successful academic life. This is particularly correct in U.S. colleges or universities where it is mandatory for students to learn quickly and read fast as well.
Therefore, you should endeavor to carry out most difficult task at your best time of the day if you are among those international students confronted with challenges in their amendment to a U.S. university. In other words, begin your day with this task in order for you to complete it efficiently, if you are a morning student.
In addition, concentrate on a particular task at a time and avoid distractions such as music, TV, or a noisy atmosphere. Although a lot of students listen to music as they study, in my own case, I feel easily distracted and it took me longer to complete the task ahead of me. Nevertheless, it is suggested that you do what suits you and remain focused.
Lay Out Your Daily Tasks in Order of Priority
You should prioritize your daily tasks on a checklist by listing out your every day tasks in order of importance, with the most urgent task coming top of the list when life gets busy. This will ensure calmness and help you put things in order. When you complete a particular task, put a check mark right next to it and you will get sense of achievement and relief each time you see a check mark. However, take time to reflect before bed to find out the reason for non completion of the task for the day, if by the end of the day you are unable to complete those tasks.
Discuss Your Problems with Your American Friends When feeling Besieged
I have encountered a lot of international students who are shy to share their challenges and problems with their American friends. They rather complain to student from similar country for sympathy as well as cultural recognition.
As there is nothing wrong about that, it is still helpful and wise to discuss your challenges with your American friends as they are in the best position to offer you better solutions from a diverse cultural perspective that will live you inspired and relieved.
Devote some time for Exercise
Exercise in order to have a clear mind and have things sorted out. Hence, no matter how busy you may be, make sure that you have a minimum of 20 minutes exercise on daily basis. The first thing you should do when you are out of sorts is to exercise your body.
Work like a Professional
The graduate programs are more intense and professional than undergraduate programs. Graduates are taught or trained to apply their academic acquaintance to the real world in graduate schools.
Finally, it is no more news that living as well as studying abroad provides international students many opportunities to learn, grow and experience new things. At the same time, managing your time effectively is one skill with lasting advantages.

You must realize that the chance to study as an international student has just a few limitations but a lot of advantages. Getting a student visa that hampers international students’ options for off-campus employment is one of those limitations.
In order to help supplement funding and cover expenses from loans and scholarships, international students are allowed to take up jobs on campus. However, what happens if your potential career is in another field?
Specialized academic programs advocate internships as part of the student learning experience, as they offer work exposure in a selected career path of a student. Quite often students are left to their own networking skills in order to get these resume-enhancing positions, despite the fact that placements can be arranged by the university department. Realizing this important fact, it is quite imperative to chase those activities that will make you familiar with both the environments and people that can make your future stronger. The following steps will help international students discover opportunities to gain work experience and build up their job skills without you having to do too much work.
The first thing you should is to begin close to home by checking within your department to discover the types of links that are there already. For instance, the department of communication at Andrews University has faculty and staff who all take part in a selection of yearly conferences and professional societies. When you finally get to your university as international student, what you should do initially is to learn about the professors in your department and make some useful contacts.
Secondly, with up to two conferences behind you, start following up on some of the contacts you already made through some frosty calls with confidence. Have the confidence and assurance that those people you have met initially will be willing to share their idea and information with you. Ask them to offer you information concerning the types of jobs they had available and the description of each. This will give you the opportunity of identifying those skills you need to develop for the duration of your internships.
Thirdly, select a mentor that can give you a concrete commendation. It will be incredible if there is any vacancy in a company where you can put your craft into practice for free. However, it is somehow exceptional.
Fourthly, obtain the proof of your know-how. Something as easy as a recommendation letter from your volunteer supervisor will go a long way in establishing your professional credibility, if you take an unpaid position.
Finally, ensure that you search for potential work knowledge in charity organizations, leadership positions in campus clubs, departmental research teams as well as other established volunteer programs within your area. Working without being paid is still working for something. The connections, credits and contacts that make up the experience are just priceless to your potential career.

It is no more news that one of the most complicated features of abroad studies is the cost. The cost associated with studying abroad is what is preventing many students from utilizing this ample opportunity. You open yourself up to new experiences that will continue to influence and shape your life for many years after your trip as soon as you have made up your mind to study abroad. Your trip will offer you the opportunity of living independently, explore foreign cities, eat new foods, meet new people as well as learn about new culture from the horse’s mouth. More importantly, you will be able to learn and study from professors who are experienced in their fields of studies.

As there are diverse kinds of financial aid that you can benefit from, you don’t need to throw monetary caution to the wind because of your abroad studies ambition. Financial aid for abroad studies that may be in form of grants and scholarships or loans for international students is available. 
Although you may not want to buy the idea of applying for international student loan, but it really worth it, considering the fact that the loan will help your personal development, future career and education.

What Are the Advantages of these so called Student Loans for Abroad Studies?
Loans are a necessity for a lot of students traveling abroad. There are many advantages of students’ loans and here are some of them:

1. It is a Multipurpose Loan
It is a multipurpose loan because you need not highlight or verify how you will spend the loan and what you spend it on.

2. It makes Allowances Available for Student Loan Recipients
In certain situations related to child birth such as maternity benefit, pregnancy confinement benefit and child care allowance, you may apply for the suspension of your repayment liability and a targeted interest subsidy. Those that are qualified for disability allowance, disability pension or accident-related pension may as well apply for the suspension of their repayment liability.

3. The Loan Can be Used to Establish Your Credit
A student loan is a great way to establish your credit if you have no credit history. This particular type of debt is being examined as a responsible endeavor. Therefore, your credit will not be awfully affected by it compared with other types of loans.

4. Useful for Education Funding
The student loan will go a long way in financing the education of the recipient as there are just few students who have wealthy family members that can sponsor or finance their education while abroad. It is an opportunity for the financially handicapped students to further their education abroad.

5. Deferment
There are a lot of student loans that allow you to postpone or reschedule the payment plan until you are fully recovered from an unexpected event such as loss of job during the repayment period. As soon as you are fully recovered, you can continue the payment.

6. It Attracts Lower Interest Rates
You might be surprised to learn that many student loans are available at lower interest rates than you can ever imagine. Moreover, a cap is usually placed on the interest rate as they are adjusted typically from month to month. Regardless of how worse the economy may be before you complete payment of the loan, your interest will never go beyond the cap highlighted in the loan agreement.

7. Flexible Repayment Period
There is no fixed period for the repayment of student loans. It is based on the amount of your repayment each month and the repayment you make pending the time you terminate the loan.

If you are in the category of the financially handicapped students that want to study abroad, you need to start the journey by searching for suitable international student loans for abroad studies.

Are you one of the international students who still wonder what admissions officials evaluating your graduate school applications consider when they read your file or to make final decision about you? If your answer is yes to this question, then this piece of writing is for you because it will reveal some of the most important things being put into consideration when admissions officials are evaluating and making final decisions concerning international student applicants.

1. The Enrollment objectives of the Institution
These objectives are initially put in place by the senior administration and infrequently by the faculty. Although the admissions director is responsible for reaching these goals, it is rare that he or she has input in setting them. The population of men, total number of women, the populations of international students, U.S. minority student population, averages of standardized tests and average GPAs are some of the factors being considered in the determination of enrollment objectives.

2. An Optimistic Feeling of International Applicants
When the admission officials are evaluating the international students, they are of the optimistic feelings that they are tremendously committed, motivated, flexible and hardworking. International students are steadfast in making the most of the studying abroad opportunity because they believe that it is a real privilege. It is assumed in many cases that international students are able to follow instructions as they complete applications and this is imperative. This makes the admission officials form an opinion that somebody who cannot follow instructions as an applicant will probably not be able to obey instructions as a student.

3. The Conviction that International Students Strive Hard to Change
In addition there is a universal feeling that international students will make all effort to be part and parcel of educational environment they find themselves. This is for the reason that these international students put in all they could to make friends, fit in and become part of the institutional family.

4. The Affirmation of Good English Skills
The capability of international applicants to exchange a few words in English is one of the largest concerns for the majority of admissions directors. Apparently, this is significant to both the faculty and the success of the student. Every now and then international students sight English requirements at diverse institutions as exorbitant or even castigatory, but this may perhaps not be further from the truth: The necessities are really intended to assist guarantee their success.

Going to the United States for graduate study and not successful particularly if the situation can be averted is the last thing anybody would want. Substantiating English proficiency is vital to the accomplishment of an international student application.


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