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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Consider International Student Health Insurance to Study in USA

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If you are an international student studying in the Unites States or you are a US citizen traveling outside the United States, having international student health insurance is the only way to protect yourself in case of an emergency injury or illness. This is because the insurance plan you have in your home country may not cover you when traveling abroad.


International student health insurance is projected to cover unexpected illness or injuries and not regular medical care. The emergency cares that are covered by international student health insurance are medical procedures, surgery and emergency room stays. There is additional coverage provided in the case of costly emergency medical evacuations that can easily cost thousands of dollars. With international student insurance, you will be covered for the majority of the total cost.

Two levels of medical benefits for study USA insurance customers that are studying abroad are available. The first plan provides medical expense coverage for amount that is up to $250,000, while the second plan makes available up to $300,000 coverage. Nevertheless, the two options above offer up to $500,000 coverage for emergency medical evacuations. International student insurance plans offered by Study USA health care insurance also consist of added benefits. Therefore, international students traveling abroad are protected while traveling to an unfamiliar country, with benefits like ID theft and Emergency Travelers Assistance. Signing up for Study USA insurance online is not as tricky as you may think. If you enroll online and pay with a credit card, you can begin coverage as early as the next day, and most companies will even permit you to print immediate ID cards for their students. Interestingly, the coverage can easily be renewed online, as long as the student is still traveling abroad.

Consequently, it is strongly recommended that before you send your international students abroad, you should protect them with international student insurance. Illness or injury that happens to international students who are uninsured can result in a mountain of bills and debt. However, with international student health insurance, parents and students can feel confident that they will be protected in an emergency. By buying an insurance plan before traveling abroad, you are protecting your international students against emergencies and accidents. When you re protected with international insurance, all you need to do is to relax and get the best out of your trip.

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