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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Grants for International Students in USA and UK

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There are grants for international students in USA and UK, and never belief the saying that education in a top-class international institution can burn a hole in your pockets. Without doubt, in most country of the world, university education is highly expensive. Nevertheless, finding funds for your university education can never be an uphill task, if you are one of those who have the complete intellectual brilliance suited for a world class institution.
This is due to the fact that, exceptional students, from around the world, have the choice of applying for international students grants that will offer them the opportunity to study in the top colleges, global schools and universities, devoid of paying a dime to attain their educational packages.
Grants for deserving students are easily available because almost all the major universities in the United Kingdom run scholarship programs. Grants are in addition available in the form of important Rhodes and Commonwealth Fellowships Scholarships. Furthermore, a number of grants also wholly accommodate developing nations like India, China and the Caribbean countries.
The grants provided by these programs cover tuition, travel, as well as maintenance cost of an international intellectual. On the other hand, the prize money associated with these scholarships is restricted to the all-round proficiency in learning, moral strength of character and extra-curricular activities of a student. You can probe into these grants from any nearest British Council.
Grants for International students are hard to come by in the United States of America, unlike in UK.  Although, Pell Grants and Fulbright Grants are the grants types available, yet you must be careful that such grants are tremendously restricted. You are advised to contact the Department for Development Support and Management Services, United Nations, who administrate numerous funds for students who are from developing countries, if you are keen to study in the US.
Students may as well find out about international student grant options in other countries, apart from the USA and United Kingdom. You can obtain information concerning grants from the embassy of a particular nation in your country. However, the tip is to commence the application process early enough and well in advance, if you are seeking international student grants. This is due to the fact that this free grant money passes through the process of keen competition that ensures that only the best students benefit from them.

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