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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • See Why International Students Are Traveling to India for Higher Education

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International students traveling abroad or to a particular country for higher education might have discovered one or more reasons for doing so. However, when considering higher education abroad, India might not even have been the first nation to spring in mind, but the education of India is quickly making a name for itself in the world. Going by one of the Open Doors yearly survey by the United States’ International Institute of Education, the number of the United States students studying in India has increased by 44%, while the number of Indian students that account for one of the largest groups of international students in the US has diminished by 1%.
This is so because India education is highly valued and this reflected in the faculties, courses and quality of teaching in all the institutions of higher learning in India. India is the second largest education network in the world with 17,000 colleges and 343 universities that offers a vast selection of courses spanning the postgraduate, undergraduates, skilled-based, doctorate and vocational levels in addition to its distance learning option that has 66 distance learning institutions available in 11 open universities and 60 universities.
Furthermore, all the institutions of higher learning in India are internationally respected and due to prestige of education, a lot of academics that have studied in the best ranking universities in the UK and US are either relocating or returning to India. Consequently, India has become a novelty core with Multinational Corporations including IBM, General Electric as well as Daimler establishing Research and Development centers are located in the major cities.
As the GDP Motors is growing tremendously, Tata Motors of India became the first automobile company in the world to manufacture a $2000 car. The standard of education is only set to increase together with the demand for educated employees. If you obtain higher qualification in India, you will have the opportunity of starting your careers.
Another good reason why international students are traveling to India for higher learning is because education and living costs are affordable unlike the United States and Europe where cost of living and education are on the high side and unaffordable. The large cities in India offer all the attractions expected by international students.
International students are traveling to India for higher education because the country is famous backpacker and tourist destination where there are many budget airlines that offer unbelievable opportunity to explore the subcontinent without problem. There is no language barrier to contend with, as the largest English speaking population in the world. If you are an international student arriving in India, you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome from the locals.


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