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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Understanding International Student Visas and How They Work in the United States

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For you to fulfill your dream of traveling to the United States of America to further your education in any discipline, you need to understand international student visas and how they work in the United States. You also need to obtain a student visa so that you are eligible to migrate to the States and work on your Bachelor of Arts, Masters as well as PhD programs. Without valid student visa, you will not be allowed to enter the United State as an international student. This article will highlight how student visas work in the United States of America.

You need to first understand different types of visas for international students that are available to those who are planning on migrating to the US to further their education before you can know what student visas are all about and how they work in the United States of America. For you to migrate to America as a student therefore, you need F-Visa or the M-Visa depending on the type of schooling you are seeking in the US.

What you ought to do as a prospective international student seeking entrance to the US to further your education is to first apply for a student visa early enough because the process may take some time to complete. Having settled the visa aspect, the next stage is to contact those schools that you want to attend and get them informed about how far you have gone concerning your visa processing and then complete the proper enrollment applications.

As soon as your visa application as international student is approved by the institution of your choice, the next thing is to fill an I-20 Form. This is the form that shows you the estimated cost of study for a year in the institution or school where you intend to study. For the application to be properly completed, you must show the proof that you are financially buoyant for the program by tendering your bank account statements or affidavits.

You will then receive one of the two student visas that are available to international students who want to migrate to the US for further education once you have done all that. You will be given F-Visa if you want to learn English or any other language or you want to study academics at the institution. These visas are generally for those students who are planning to attend high school, middle school or elementary school.

On the other hand, the M-Visa will be issued to you if you want to receive education for a particular career or to get into vocational studies while in the United States. The M-Visa on the other hand is generally for the category of students who are attending universities, colleges or technical schools.

Student visas are granted to international students due to the fact that they have established to the United States that they have sufficient fund to pay for their education and other living expenses while in the US to prevent them from obtaining a visa just to immigrate to the US to constitute nuisances.  There are F-Visas and M-Visas available for students who are migrating to the US for further studies. Nevertheless, on-campus work for 20 hours in a week and some other types of internship work are exceptions in permitting international students to work while in the United States.

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