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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • What Exactly Is International Student Insurance?

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International student insurance is the travel insurance designed for students who are studying abroad. This is due to the fact that most of the overseas countries cannot support additional people that have added to their population. Hence, while they are studying abroad, international students need coverage. The reason for international student insurance is to guide against unanticipated medical expenses. This article will however examine different types of international student insurance that you can buy as an international student.
There is the hospital and medical international student insurance that will cover illnesses, accidents or visits to the doctor, up to the purchased amount. In most cases, this includes coverage for drugs prescription, where 80 percent of the price would be refunded, based on the plan you buy. Hospital and medical international student insurance could as well cover maternity costs. Therefore, a child could be conceived and delivered if you are married and studying abroad. This type of insurance also covers accidental dental – for damaged teeth and impacted wisdom teeth as well as eye examinations.
Trip Cancellation and Interruption is another type of International Student Insurance. If you have any reason to return back to your home country such as illness, death of a family member or if a disaster put your stay in a state of disrepair (examples of different occurrences that can be considered as Trip Interruption), this type of insurance would reimburse you. On the other hand, if you become ill before leaving your home country, Trip Cancellation will cover this. The non-refundable or non-recoverable portion of the trip would be reimbursed in this case.
Furthermore, there is the accidental death and disbursement international student insurance where a lump sum would be paid to a named beneficiary in the event of an accidental death while studying abroad. A lump sum would be payable to you for any accidental disbursement. However, based on the benefit schedule in the policy, the amount paid would depend on the amount of coverage bought by you.
It is however imperative for you to understand that, for you to be eligible for International Student Insurance, you must be registered in at least 60 percent of the courses of a particular at a university, college or accredited program.


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