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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • What International Students Must Know about Grants and Scholarships

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As a less privileged international student, how do you plan to pay for school? Through grants and scholarships of course! Grants and scholarships will assist you to pay for your higher education. The information contained in this article is what you need to understand about grants and scholarships.
Grants are funds being granted to students by the government to cater for educational issues and you are not required to pay the money back. Grants are always granted on need basis, which means that it is granted to the category of students who demonstrate a certain level of financial need. The fact that grants are basically free money makes them the best type of financial aid available out there.
It will be good if you can endeavor to confirm if you are eligible for grants while you will be surprised with the result, and the money you will receive will go a long way in your educational pursuit. All you need to do to ascertain whether you are qualified for grants or not is to fill out a free application for Federal Student Aid or a FAFSA. This is absolutely the best way to go when seeking financial aid and you must use this opportunity to the best of your knowledge. However, it is quite imperative to be aware of deadlines being placed on students by FAFSA when you are applying for grants.
Different types of grants available are the Pell grants, academic competitiveness grant, Smart grant – National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) and Institution Aid.
On the other hand, because you don’t need to pay back the amount granted as scholarships, scholarships are of assistance to international students as well. Scholarships can also be discovered through the website of FAFSA.  Search for scholarships that you are qualified for and apply after you have filled out your FAFSA application.
Although, scholarships will fund your education totally, you must put some effort to make your dream of accessing any of the available scholarships come true. You can start your search for scholarships from scholarships.com as it is an excellent database of scholarships. You can also pair grants and scholarships as a better way you can get through school.
Nevertheless, you must follow through your application when you are researching grants and scholarships. With additional effort from your side and thorough research, you will definitely get free fund to pursue your academic career. Just endeavor to take advantage of what is available out there! You will get there!

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