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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Are you a sports student? Check the sports rider!

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That every international student should have an International Student Insurance policy is a given. But, how is a sports student different from say, a science student or an engineering student? Would there be some difference in the way his/her policy will be looked at by the Insurance Company? The answer is YES. Sports students will have something called a sports rider attached to their policy. Let us understand why and how it is applied.

An insurance policy is based on what are called risk factors. The higher the risk of the insured event happening, the higher is the premium for the policy. For example, someone who has a family history of cardiac problems will usually pay more than a similar individual without that history. A smoker will usually pay more than a non-smoker.

A sports student who is usually in the field has a higher chance of an injury that might need a health insurance claim than a science student who sits in a class most of the time. Ergo, a higher premium. Also, there are higher chances of injury in football or ice hockey (contact sports) than in running or badminton. So, the rider is applied differently.

Point is, if you are some kind of sportsperson, be sure you enquire about the sports rider and do furnish info regarding your sporting activities before you sign up.

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