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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

According to a survey, around 6% students in US schools suffer from symptoms of chronic asthma, and breathing related issues. Now, that is quite a big number. Also, in spite of having Health Insurance coverage, not many have been successful in controlling asthma. Does it mean that having a health provider, and access to doctors and emergency rooms is not good enough in asthma treatment?

The survey brings to light some stunning facts. 90% of students in this group do have insurance coverage. But, only around 60% ever contacted a doctor or visited an emergency room for consultation or respite from the symptoms. 60% of those who didn’t have health insurance also sought treatment.

More than anything else, what this survey highlights is a lack of awareness among many in utilizing a service that they are actually paying for. This might not be an isolated case, if the researchers are to be believed. They say students are taking asthma and related problems in their stride, which is obviously not a very good sign. Also, similar treatment is being meted to most chronic illnesses.

Our suggestion to the students is as simple as it can get -

  1. Get yourself medical insurance
  2. Know when you need to use it
  3. Use it
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