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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Avoid places that the US government asks you to avoid

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From time to time, the US government issues travel notifications or directives. They are to avoid travelling to certain places during a certain time-frame, or till a new directive comes to nullify the previous one. These are obviously directives, and not laws, and a traveler is not obligated to adhere to them. But, from health insurance point of view, it is best to avoid such places. Students, especially international, are advised to keep an eye out for such announcements.

The directive may be because of a terrorist threat, or a pandemic breakout. It could be because of political reasons, or due to unimaginable levels of pollution. Maybe high crime rate or diseases. Could even be because of extreme weather conditions.

If the American government has issued a notice asking its citizens to avoid visiting a place for whatever reason, it is best to heed to it. Many international students medical insurance companies might not cover any medical expenses incurred in those places.

Of course there are exceptions and your insurer might cover such expenses too. If you have to travel there, it is best to call up your insurer’s help desk and seek clarification. Depending on their response, you can decide whether or not to travel; and also if the travel warrants the risk.

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