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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

When you’re jetting home for the holidays, traveling to your new university or heading off on vacation, the last thing you need is jet lag. Arm yourself with travel insurance and advice on how to lessen the impact of jet lag on your next trip.

Jet lag makes you tired, disorientated, dehydrated and unmotivated – not the best start to a college term or vacation. How can you beat it? Start out rested – make sure you have a good amount of sleep and rest before you start to travel. Sleep – if you can sleep on the plane, do so. Take ear plugs, eye mask and a travel pillow.

Drink lots of water and avoid too much alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. Try to get up and walk around the plane, and do some foot and leg exercises, to help prepare your body for being back on land.

When you arrive, get as much natural light as you can before bedtime. Try to spend a relaxing night and adjust to the new time zone by keeping to the same timetable as your destination. With travel insurance and a positive flight plan you can make the most of every vacation or school moment.

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