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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Canada: becoming a favorite hub for international students

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Canada seems to be growing as the next hub for higher education as the Universities in US are becoming more expensive and inaccessible. Also the fact that many of the Canadian universities are of Ivy-League quality schools adds to their increasing popularity.

The feeling is fuelled by the increased marketing by the Canadian government and more interest by Canadian schools, drawn to the American market as a way to maintain enrolment, attract more tuition dollars and give their campus a more international outlook. Signs of that push are showing up this spring. Many schools say their U.S. applications are up, and so is the number of students saying yes to offers.

Across the country, about 9,000 Americans studied at Canadian universities and colleges this year, up from 2,300 just 12 years ago, according to Canada’s embassy in Washington. On the flipside, an estimated 29,000 Canadians headed south in 2007-2008 for undergraduate or graduate studies, a reflection of the size of the American system.

At Montreal’s McGill University, where there is a long tradition of U.S. recruiting, Americans accounted for 12 per cent of this year’s freshman class. Application numbers this spring are even with previous years, but acceptance rates are up 4 per cent.

McGill has seen a steady increase in American students, with numbers rising by 22 per cent in the past five years. Senior administrators say name recognition and recruiting efforts have contributed to that rise, but advertising cost is a factor.

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