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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Canadian Students Survive Capsized Ship

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You may have heard an amazing story about a group of students traveling internationally last week. Canadian students studying abroad on a boat were put into grave danger as their boat capsized. Thankfully all 64 of the students, teachers, and crew were unharmed, but had they been injured, they'd have been wise to invest in study abroad insurance.

While you could certainly never foresee your study abroad experience taking the turn that these students encountered, you can still prepare yourself from a general perspective. Study abroad insurance will cover expenses arising from injuries or illnesses that occur during your experience, even if they happen as a result of something as unpredictable as a boat sinking.

Without insurance coverage, the cost of getting medical attention can be extremely high. Whether for emergencies or routine care, doctor and hospital visits can easily rack up bills into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And as a student, you likely don't have much disposable income to pay these expenses out of pocket.

But with study abroad insurance, you won't need to. You can get the medical care you need at very affordable rates. So whether you're hurt on a boat going underwater or you're simply feeling a bit under the weather, you'll have access to reasonably-priced healthcare. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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