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  • Thursday, February 21, 2019

  • Common Challenges of International Students in Learning to Adjust to Diverse Set of Expectations

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The center of attention of study by international students in graduate schools shifts from information to dreams. A lot of potential international graduate students do not discern what to expect from U.S. graduate programs even if such students have bagged bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college.

On the other hand, there is even bigger transition to make by international students that are new to the American higher education system. Students are characteristically asked questions for which a sole correct elucidation or answer may not exist in American graduate programs, while reiterating and obtaining vast amounts of information often assured success in an undergraduate program.
One of the most difficult things to get used to by international students is going into an examination without having the correct solutions to questions asked even though a lot of them have succeeded in the past for the fact that they knew the right answers.
The best way for international students to succeed in the United States graduate programs is to gain knowledge of how to separate the failure of an idea from a sense of failure and adjust to a diverse set of expectations. Here are some common challenges faced by international students when learning to adjust to these expectations.

1. Drawing and Accepting your own Conclusions
International students can be unenthusiastic or even afraid of condemning ideas held by those people who have greater authority or experience than themselves. They are always in total disagreement and doubts with the interpretation of their superiors but have no full confidence to criticize – even when they are asked to make their opinions known.
You must be able to draw your own conclusions in order to answer questions posed to you by professors when you present your research proposal. In other words, do not accept other people’s conclusions and presuppose that a superior understands more than you do. As soon as you do that, you will have problem adjusting to different set of expectations.

2. Getting Research Knowledge
The acceptance into high-ranked Ph.D. programs is always possible without research knowledge, as it is not all graduate programs necessitate students to complete a research project. A lot of people in the academic terrain think that research knowledge is more desirable compared to any number of examinations or hard courses. As an international student, endeavor to carry out a research project or thesis even when it is not needed.

3. Creating Expert Friendships
For the reason that they want to get additional time for a journey back home, a lot of international students leave out trips to the local tavern on Friday night or miss the departmental holiday parties. This is rather a blunder for the reason that it is at these social events that professional relationships are formed. The people with whom international students wanted to make friends are either working with them as part of their research team, or taking similar classes with them.

Therefore, international students should be on comparatively proverbial terms with the professional friends they have created for the fact that it is at such social gathering that news concerning upcoming conferences, job offers and other valuable tips on the best way to study for that peculiar professor’s examinations are made available. 

You can request for soda and have tête-à-tête with people at the events if you are an international student who doesn’t drink. Your dietary or religious restrictions will not prevent you from enjoying your time networking because you will discover that the majority of those who work in American universities are aware of cultural differences.

4. Appreciating the Significance of Homework
Quite a lot of international students are not familiar with the idea of the rated homework further than their high school. As a result, they never look forward to the deadline for homework assignments that are gravely imposed until they see a student score zero on the assignment that was submitted behind schedule. As a matter of fact, you will be told before hand the assignments that will contribute toward your final grade and those that will only do you good.

There are no single answers to graduate homework assignments every now and then. The approach you adopt as well as the creativity you exhibit in your solution is what determines your grade. You must feel free to converse your approach or method with the lecturer that gave you the homework except being purposely instructed otherwise.

Finally, it can be easier said than done to adjust to being an international graduate student initially. However, it gets easier if you attend lectures, participate in seminars, meetings, discuss with others – your fellow students, lecturers as well as senior graduate students to ensure that you are attending the correct classes and doing what are correct at the right time.

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