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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Don’t Leave the Country without Your Exchange Student Insurance Ready

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Students who have been accepted for study abroad programs should prioritize getting an exchange student insurance policy. Imagine having to live abroad and encountering a medical emergency without anything backing you up. That would definitely be a tremendous hassle, if not a nightmare. Instead of focusing on your recovery, you can’t help but worry over who will take care of your financial responsibilities caused by the medical emergency. 

Thinking about this possible situation will make you appreciate the importance of being secured abroad. You will not have anything else to worry about and so can focus on your purpose for being there, and that is to study. 

So, before leaving your country to study abroad, make sure you are covered for any health emergency by your exchange student insurance. Apply for a study abroad health insurance first and then move on to other things that you have to do.

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