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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Drinking and Drugs Abroad: Things to Consider

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Balance fun and safety when studying abroad – it’s very important to pay attention to the laws of the country you’re visiting when you’re partying. Numerous American students are arrested abroad on drugs charges or alcohol-related offences. Think you’ll be OK if you claim ignorance of local regulations? Think again.

Know the age limit for alcohol consumption. Take heed of rules regarding drinking in public places and driving when under the influence, and keep to them. Because accidents happen when you’re under the influence, take care to avoid excess alcohol consumption and take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for healthcare abroad if you need it.

And never carry packages for anyone – if you’re caught traveling with illegal drugs you could end up in jail for the best years of your life. Drug charges can be severe in other countries – from hard labor to the death penalty in certain cases. Don’t use or have drugs in your possession – it’s simply not worth the risk to your health and freedom.

Most of all, don’t take risks you wouldn’t consider if you weren’t drinking or partying. Keep your personal safety in mind all the time and make sure you never need your medical insurance.

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