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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

So, you have gone skiing and met with an accident? Or there has been a hurricane and you are stranded? An earthquake, maybe. Not trying to scare you, but sometimes the unexpected and the unthinkable happens. Obviously, no one can prevent these, but to be prepared is something we can do. Question is – are you prepared?

Maybe you are in a place where medical help is not that great. Maybe you prefer to be treated at home. Or have your spouse and children flown over to where you are. Absolute worst case scenario, your remains have to be flown over to your home.

Emergency medical evacuation comes to your help. In sports accidents (including extreme sports), in natural disasters, in personal accidents in remote locations, in emergencies anywhere in the world. A yearly scheme that covers many emergencies, and responds quickly. This is a kind of arrangement that might cost you a fortune if not done the right way. It might be very difficult to arrange after the event has already occurred.

Plan it now, breathe easy if you end up needing it. Before traveling abroad, know about our Emergency Medical Evac options in your travel insurance coverage.

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