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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Expand Your Horizons and Also Coverage When Studying Abroad

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The number of students enrolling in study abroad programs is rising, but students are still traveling abroad for studies without adequate study abroad insurance. While the increase in popularity of study abroad programs is indication of a heartening trend of broadening of horizons, the insurance statistics leave much to be desired.

While study abroad insurance is mandated by many universities that offer such programs, they often do not offer adequate coverage. When your college does not offer study abroad insurance, or offers just the bare minimum, it may be the perfect time to look for such insurance elsewhere.

When purchasing study abroad insurance, do not look for general insurance. Research your destination a little bit. If you have friends who are originally from that country, check out how healthcare works in that country. Many countries offer universal healthcare, but few are able to match the quality that you might expect.

Also remember to note your field of study, and how it relates to public health at your destination. Studying museums in France may require different study abroad insurance than researching the Australian outback. Above all, do not forget to purchase study abroad insurance after looking at what is available. Comparison sites can help you do that effectively.
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