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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Filing health insurance claims - Part 4

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In the past three posts, we went through some important concepts and terms. Although they apply to most health insurance policies, we have been concentrating on the ones for international students in USA. Let us look further and try to understand the claims process in some more detail.

Filing a health insurance claim, getting the benefit from the policy, using the coverage, etc. all mean the same thing. What it boils down to is: You pay the premiums for the policy when you are healthy, and the insurer will take care of the expenses when you are not.

Generally, filing a health insurance claim is very simple. The claims process starts the moment you call a doctor's clinic for an appointment. It involves reaching the clinic, showing your health insurance card, filling up an application form, seeing the doctor and paying the deductible (if any). The process ends when the doctor/hospital/health center receives the payment.

The journey of that form from the clinic's reception desk to the insurance company and how the payment is taken care of will be explained in later posts. This knowledge is not just of academic interest. It is important because it helps you tackle the most dreaded term in health insurance: "denied claim". Later we will see the various precautions that one needs to take to be able to avoid getting a denied claim letter from the insurer. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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