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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Foreign Exchange Student Insurance and Host Parents

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In cases where a foreign student gets sick, his foreign exchange student insurance will help take care of his medical treatment. However, the student cannot process everything by himself, being that he also has to deal with his sickness and recover from it.

Emergency medical conditions are one of the situations where host parents will be most helpful. Because host parents are considered to be the foreign exchange student’s guardians, they can act on behalf of the real parents of the student.

With this, it is usually recommended that host parents keep the student’s insurance certificate handy in case of the need to use it. It is also recommended that they read, understand and adhere to the instructions of the insurance policy.

In cases where there is confusion regarding the handling of a medical emergency, host parents can call the insurance company’s representative to clear up the confusion. In emergency medical situations, host parents are just as important as foreign exchange student insurance is.

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