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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

International students who enter the shores of the USA to pursue their education often find the health care system very different from what they have been used to in their own country. Students are expected to buy international student insurance from either a university-supported provider or from a private insurer. Buying health insurance is mandatory in most universities, and highly recommended everywhere else.

Let us try and understand how the rest of the people in the nation receive health care.

The government pays the bills for retirees and the disabled through Medicare; and for military veterans, the economically backward section, and members of native American tribes through Medicaid. Most employers pay the premium for group health insurance coverage for their employees. Students, as we have seen earlier, can buy health insurance at a slightly subsidized price from within the university, or a slightly more customized policy from private insurers.

That leaves a wide set of people who do not belong to any of these categories i.e. a group of 46 million people with no health insurance. The current health care reform is being undertaken to lessen the effects of this disparity, and make affordable and universal health care in the USA a reality. How the reforms fare will be up for scrutiny at a later date, but this is the gist of the story so far.

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