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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dental care in the US is among the costliest. Small wonder then that dentists are among the top earners in the nation. As a profession being a dentist seems to be a great option. But, we aren’t here to discuss career options. We will try to look at the other perspective - that of people receiving dental care.

It is considered sound practice to visit your dentist every six months. Any one who has been to a dentist will tell you that you will come out of the clinic not just with lesser teeth problems but also with a lighter wallet. How do health insurance plans fare on this front? Will you be covered for dental care too?

The answer most probably is, no. Most health plans do not cover regular dental care. However, if you have to seek dental treatment, say because of an accident, which may be essential for your health, only then will most health insurance schemes cover those charges.

There are of course other plans for dental insurance, but your typical health care is not one of them. If you need dental care to be covered, ask and find out the plan best suited for your needs.

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