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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Health insurance for the vagaries of life

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The New York Times reports: people in three states say that tainted drywall installed in post-hurricane building booms has caused headaches and nosebleeds. The story goes on to explain how all those whose health was seriously affected by the high amounts of sulfur in the drywall are up in arms against the building contractors, and that there is a class action suit being contemplated against the Chinese manufacturer/supplier.

The gist of the story is that Chinese FNCs (Fly by Night Companies) who supplied this have already disappeared, and there is no one really left to pay for the damages. Also, it is notoriously difficult to enforce US laws and court decisions in China.

In the aftermath of this, one fact stands out. Who would have expected a house and the material used to construct it would affect the healths of those who live in it? And yet, that is precisely what happened. Health hazards from a source that is typically meant to be a safe haven. People spent thousands of dollars for health care for no fault of theirs.

Those with health insurance weathered the storm. Those without the coverage had a horrid time. Health is uncertain, health care expenditure isn't (it is always high!). An occurrence like this teaches us a valuable lesson: be prepared, be covered.
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