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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Health insurance makes sense, really!

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Most international students who decide to pursue their education in the USA are shocked at the unbelievable prices for even basic health care. Have no doubts: the health care available in the US is among the very best; but the costs too are way above what foreigners from most countries are used to.

Assuming you will be in the US for 2-3 years for your education, odds are you will need health care at some point of time. A simple visit to a doctor, which might typically include doctor's fees, chemist's bills and a couple of regular diagnostic tests, is sometimes enough to cause a serious dent in your study budget. Imagine what a serious illness or an operation might cause.

The way health care in the US has evolved, it makes sense to have health insurance even if you consider yourself very healthy, and don't even remember the last time you visited a clinic or a hospital. Students who are on a scholarship or a study loan in the US will find it very difficult to manage without health insurance, should they need health care.

A major health care bill might just be lurking round the corner. The risk is just too high to take a chance. Live and study with peace of mind, insure your health. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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