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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Health Insurance policies and the pregnancy clause

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Many foreign students who study in the USA are also accompanied by their spouse. Some of them who stay for an extended period in the USA, plan on starting a family there. All those who have health insurance coverage for themselves and their spouse are often unaware of how maternity coverage works, and if the pregnancy will be covered in their insurance plan. We will try to clear some facts regarding this clause.

There are many policies that do not provide any coverage for maternity expenses. None of the pregnancy related expenses are covered by such plans. However, some policies designed for foreign students do offer this coverage. But, he coverage for such expenses does not start immediately after buying the policy. There is a waiting period, usually of a year or more. That is, the policy will cover maternity care expenses only if the conception occurs after the policy has been in force for a fixed number of months (as pre-decided in the terms). If the person is already pregnant before signing up for the policy, expenses cannot be covered. Policies are also designed to cover newborn/nursery care for the first few days after childbirth.

If starting a family in the USA is important for you, do know about this clause and the waiting period, and make sure that you sign up for the medical insurance coverage that matters to you.
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