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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

A recent survey on students brings to light the fact that the clause on policy limits is the most unclear aspects of a international students medical insurance policy. Not many know that such a clause exists. Those who do know of it, are not sure about the different types of limits that exist. And finally, very few people are aware of the limits on the policy that they are paying for. We try to clear some of this jargon.

There are two kinds of limits in a policy:

  1. Maximum dollar amount per claim: This will pay a maximum pre-decided amount per claim, for each claim, and no more than that. So if you have a $10000 cap per claim, you get a maximum of that amount each time you file a claim.
  2. Maximum dollar for lifetime: This is the total that the policy will pay in your lifetime. So, every time you use the policy for some payment, that amount is subtracted from the total pre-decided amount.

Most policies have a combination of these two clauses, as in a $500,000 per claim limit and $1,000,000 lifetime limit. While buying a policy, always make sure that the two limits are as high as possible. If you can find a policy that can give unlimited limit(s), nothing like that. Well, there it is. One more concept cleared.

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