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  • Thursday, January 17, 2019

  • How International Students Can Adapt and Manage Foreign Culture Shock

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It is common for international students to experience culture shock when living overseas for a protracted period of time. Culture shock however, is the feeling of insecurity, disorientation and anxiety that somebody may feel in a strange environment. Behaviors, values and social customs that some international students routinely take for granted may no longer serve them in their new surroundings.
Therefore, for international students to adapt and manage foreign culture shock, the following guidelines must be followed:
Most prominently, all international students must maintain a sense of humor. Therefore, do not be too harsh on yourself if you commit cultural blunder or don’t even know what to do in a cultural situation.
Consequently, international students should keep an open mind and they must not perceive any different thing to be negative or wrong automatically. International students who can withhold judgment will be objective observers and will facilitate the process of cross-cultural understanding. At the same time, get a little background information if you are traveling to a country that you know little or nothing about.
It is advisable that all international students in foreign countries should endeavor to learn the local language of the country they may find themselves. Doing so will increase their communication skills and assist them in integrating with the local community. Learning the local language by international students equally demonstrate their interest in the new country.
Another way by which international students can adapt and manage foreign culture shock is by getting acquainted with the social conduct of their new surroundings. Hence, as an international student, you must not filter, interpret or assume behavior from your own culture perspective because behavior is not data.

On the other hand, knowledge or cultural familiarity must not be taken at face-value by international students. Always be careful not to attribute an explanation or rationale to what you now believe you know even as you become savvier about protocol, customs and rituals in your new environment as a little fragment of understanding can be deceptive.

Furthermore, international students must ensure that they get to know people in their new environment as a way of managing and adapting to foreign culture shock. Hence, ask questions respectfully, attend variety of events and festivals and read newspapers.

Finally, international students must try as much as possible to achieve a sense of stability in their lives. This can be achieved by establishing different routines that will give them feeling of well being.


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