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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • How to Keep Healthy in the First Semester

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The first semester at international university is a whirlwind of experiences – new friends, new food, new surroundings and a whole heap of new bugs. Common illnesses you may be able to cope with at home can knock you sideways during the frantic first few weeks abroad. How can you keep strong and healthy so you enjoy all the activities on offer?

With a comprehensive study abroad insurance policy you’re covered for hospital stays, doctor visits, drugs and medical evacuation. But how can you avoid problems in the first place so you won’t have to fall back on your study abroad insurance policy?

Take care of your immune system by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, keeping up your vitamin levels with a supplement and getting as much sleep as you can – we all know the pace of life is hectic but a good night’s rest once in a while will really help your health.

Visit the doctor at the first chance you get if you suffer from unfamiliar symptoms or you’re worried about your stress levels or general health. Catching problems like sore throat, coughs and colds and injuries when they first occur can save you from more serious illnesses in the coming weeks.

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