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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Importance of International Student Health Insurance

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I’m currently a student at Ireland’s leading university. Although I’ve been lucky enough to not have fallen sick and to not have hurt myself, everyone is not as lucky as I am! My very own classmate, during a non-competitive Rugby match, hurt herself and was admitted in the hospital for over 3 weeks as she had to undergo surgery to heal the broken bone that was enclosing the left eyeball.

While it was sad to even hear about it, my classmate had to remain in the hospital and undergo the surgery. In addition to that, she had to miss classes and forego the term 2 exams.

Doing an MBA in itself is a great task, as well as a financial burden on the individual. Putting up with such unexpected troubles is even more stress, particularly on a foreign student, who is living away from home and family.

Having an international student health insurance comes very handy and takes away at least the financial burden in such situations. Just imagine how stressful it would have been on my classmate had she not had a foreign student insurance?

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