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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Insurance Against the Winter Chills: Dressing Up

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The weather’s turning cold in most parts of the United States, and it might be time for you to dust off your international student health insurance card and check what your plan covers. The experience of winter might be new to many first-time U.S. students. It’s important to stay healthy and fit, even if you are adequately insured.

First things first, always dress appropriately. It is important to dress in layers. Just throwing a jacket on may pose problems when you are indoors. A mere T-shirt may not be sufficient indoors, and having a jacket on will make you sweaty, which can prove dangerous as well.

Remember that the extremities are most prone to cold. So keep your hands and feet warm at all times. A single pair of cotton socks, however thick, may not be sufficient protection against the cold. Dress your feet in layers as well. Buy shoes or snow boots with enough traction in them.

Keep a cell phone handy, and do not display bravado, especially during a snowstorm. If you must step outside, let your friends know where you will be, and stay safe. Lastly, at the first sign of illness, schedule an appointment with a doctor. Following these simple safety tips will provide an extra layer of international student health insurance to you!
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