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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Insurance Assistance for Graduate Assistants

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International student health insurance need not always form a large part of a student’s expenses. Depending on the plan chosen, and the financial aid available to students, the student may end up paying less than $100 a month, in some cases.

Typically, students will be required to purchase student health insurance before they enroll for their first semester classes. Some schools have different coverage for international and local students, and most require students to provide proof of comparable coverage if they want to decline the colleges-sponsored plan.

Other plans are available in the market, often at lower rates than the college-sponsored plan. Carefully consider your needs and requirements before purchasing outside insurance. In some cases, a student is eligible for assistantship or aid in the second semester or year. In this case, the college usually pays a substantial amount of the insurance premium.

Most colleges subsidize the premiums paid only if the plan chosen is the college-sponsored plan. Some schools also provide cash benefit in lieu of the insurance premium. Check the details of your assistantship award with your department. Ask questions about your insurance benefits before choosing a health plan for the year or semester.
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International Student Insurance (requires student status)
Visitor Insurance (does not require student status)