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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Insurance Can Help Student Change SAD to Happy

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Student life is one of the most emotionally trying periods of a person’s life, and international student health insurance can help a student emerge from this unscathed, at least financially. Increasingly, all students, including international scholars, are seeking help for their mental well-being, and student insurance policies reflect that.

All student health insurance plans cover mental health per law. According to a government directive, student insurance must treat mental health on par with physical health. This assumes more importance in winter, and especially for students studying in universities in the northern United States.

One particularly common disorder that manifests itself in winter is Seasonal Affective Disorder, which aptly abbreviates to SAD. It is known to be caused by lack of adequate sunlight, and is characterized by feelings of depression, irritation, and loss of appetite. It usually disappears once spring comes around.

Ensure you are exposed to adequate sunlight. The most common treatment for SAD is a specially constructed light box that mimics the effect of sunlight. Your insurance might cover the cost of the light box and consultation. If you think you might have the symptoms, first consult your college mental health counselor. If your current insurance does not cover it, consider an international student health insurance plan that does.
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