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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

For many students who need international student medical insurance plans, it seems like an unnecessary expense. As a result, students go in for the cheapest coverage available, thinking of it as a formality, no more. However, international student insurance plans are not just necessary, but useful as well.

Young, healthy students will probably not realize the need for health insurance when healthy. That, however, is the point of health insurance. Remember that the average appendectomy costs nearly $20,000 in the United States, and a single night’s stay in the hospital will push you back by at least $5,000.

While students might feel invincible at the prime of youth, some disorders might be lurking just around the corner. While a student might be able to manage the flu and other seasonal illnesses, some conditions, like asthma and allergies are likely to act up more in the United States. Students who never knew they had allergies have known to contract severe allergic reactions.

Also remember that driving on U.S. roads is by and large safe, but the high speeds make any accident potentially dangerous. Also, winter will bring its own list of problems to the international student, exacerbated by homesickness. Treatment for any or all of these is best managed by comprehensive international student medical insurance.
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