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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • International Exchange Student Insurance: A Nuisance or Not?

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In Finland, student health insurance, including foreign exchange student insurance for international students, is increasingly becoming troublesome. There are about 15,000 foreign exchange students in the country that need to be covered by a student health insurance before they can be given a resident permit.

Since the education system in Finland is sponsored by the government, this will mean that the government will be indirectly connected to the insurance policies of each of these students. This situation may prove to be a headache for both the government and the international students.

Another problem is the fact that Finland does not have an insurance company that offers international student insurance. This would mean that the foreign exchange student would have to buy an insurance policy at home or from a different country before coming to Finland.

This kind of a situation might prove to be a hassle for a foreign exchange student in Finland. Also, thousands of exchange students in the country buying an international student insurance outside of Finland would mean that euros that should have gone to Finnish insurance companies will instead be received by insurance companies based in other countries.

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