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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • International Student Health Insurance: A Parent’s Perspective

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International Student Health Insurance: A Parent’s Perspective

Parents can take care of their children a lot better when they are close to them. They feel helpless and unable to protect their most loved ones when they are miles away. That is the reason why parents are the ones who are more concerned about international student health insurance than the students themselves.

Domestic Health Insurance and Foreign Students
Sometimes parents consider that their domestic health insurance will cover for whatever happens to their child while studying abroad. But that is not correct. In fact, there are some domestic insurance providers that are completely ineffective outside the country of residence. That is why parents should carefully study their domestic health insurance before neglecting foreign student health insurance. Parents should check not only the coverage of their insurance policy, but also how effective it will be.

The Unfortunate Strikes Unexpectedly
For many parents, when their children leave the country to study abroad it is a moment of joy and pride. Being a student is one of the most beautiful periods in one’s life and parents want their children to feel happy and enjoy this period. Unfortunately, accidents, illness, and even death occur when people do not expect them to occur and unfortunate events do not care if your children are off studying

Protection from the Small and the Big Risks
Although parents struggle to have everything covered as their children are studying outside the boundaries of their country, it is impossible to foresee bad things. Why should parents wait for tragedy to occur when they can have their children protected and their peace of mind assured with a simple international student health insurance policy?


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