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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • International student health insurance for MBA students

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With the Financial Times rankings of global MBA courses becoming popular among Indian students, more and more Indian students are looking at pursuing their MBA courses abroad and particularly in the US.

MBA courses although traditionally lasted for a period of two-years including coursework and project work, most top business schools currently offer one-year MBA programs that offer the same curriculum, but for half the duration. This effectively means rigorous work and double the workload throughout the one year of the course duration.

It’s only fair that parents of MBA students ensure that their children are able to concentrate on their studies without much tension about financial woes. To help parents and students, foreign student insurance and international student health insurance are made easily available to students who are traveling to pursue their education abroad. After all, even we do not want your children to suffer when they’re so far away from home.

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