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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • International Student Insurance Does Not Sufficiently Cover International Students’ Needs?

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In Australia, international students are not getting adequate international student insurance; this is according to the Society of Anesthetists. Health insurance that is set for international students has poor coverage as compared to those students who have other insurance coverage.

According to the society, there is a gap between the promotional insurance materials and the actual coverage. Promotions for international student health insurance is misleading students and leaving them in the dark about what they can and cannot get in terms of medical coverage.

This concern was brought up by the society because there have been a number of instances wherein anesthetists have given free medical service to foreign students. They ended up giving free service mainly because the students’ health insurance did not cover the expense.

It was even observed that if students were not able to fill out the appropriate paperwork and not signed at the appropriate time, then the students may be refused coverage. With this, it is a little clear that foreign students do not always get the most of their international student insurance.

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