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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • International Student Insurance for All Possible Situations

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International student insurance is not an option but an absolute necessity. Students from all over the world seek quality education in advanced countries such as Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom. Almost 200,000 international students study in Canada, more than 400,000 foreign students attend UK universities, and almost 700,000 international students populate the American educational system.

The moment students start studying abroad, whatever risks they undertake need to be covered in the country in which they are studying. Although most students associate insurance for international students with the need to cover unexpected medical expenses, there are also other types of international insurances for students apart from the more popular medical insurance. This type of insurance can cover all types of costs deriving from situations such as accidents, illnesses, doctor visits, maternity, eye examinations, and more.

There are also eligibility criteria in order to benefit from an insurance designed for international students. There is also accidental death and dismemberment insurance, which is clearly defined by its very name. The policy offers protection against the mentioned events by providing a named beneficiary or respectively, yourself with a certain amount of money.

Other types of international student insurance may include a trip cancellation and interruption policy that could cover costs in case you fall ill before you leave your country of origin or if you need to return home due to some kind of a family emergency or personal health. Baggage insurance is also an option and may include coverage of personal belongings, documents, certain amounts of money, or even a pet.

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International Student Insurance (requires student status)
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