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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • International Student Insurance: What Does It Cover

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Many people consider that travel insurance is enough for individuals or groups that study abroad, but the truth is that international student insurance is especially designed around the requirements and expectations of foreign students. But, what exactly does foreign student insurance cover?
• Emergency repatriation, emergency dental treatment, medical assistance, prescription drugs, personal accidents, funeral and other similar services.
• Emergency evacuation is also available with certain insurance providers; the services are similar with those covered by international repatriation insurance.
• A 24/7 available helpline to support you with any questions you may have related to your insurance policy.
• Course fees in case you have to cancel your journey because of unexpected illness or any other unexpected occurrence.
• Loss or theft of personal belongings including laptop and mobile cover; replacement cover is also available with a number of insurers.
• Charges for trip cancellation or curtailment
• Baggage loss or damage for single items or valuables
• Loss of personal money, documents and passport, including overseas legal assistance, personal liability, or missed departure.
The benefits limit for each risk covered depends on the insurance provider and also on your personal affordability. International student insurance generally does not cover maternity, but there are many insurers who offer this type of coverage, as well. Also, there are policies that are put on hold as you travel back home and become valid once you return to the host country. Also, remember that you have policy excess that can dramatically reduce the costs with your insurance premiums. Policy excess is the amount you have to pay for each claim. The higher this amount is, the lower the premium will be.


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