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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • International Student Travel Insurance Offers Students Stopped by Volcano Financial Relief

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The volcano which has halted travel plans across Europe in the last week has been not only inconvenient but also expensive for many travelers. While you cannot predict when an event like this may have this type of effect, students can make sure they are always prepared by buying international student travel insurance.

This insurance offers reimbursement on the cost of airfare, hotel, and other travel-related expenses. So rather than lose out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars because of this event, international students stuck in Europe will be protected financially.

Flights have only begun leaving Europe in the last day or so, and this event has impacted thousands of travelers. Without being able to travel by air, they have been forced to seek alternative travel methods (by sea or land) or to find local hotels.

Those additional expenses may also be covered by your international student travel insurance policy.Not only that, but the cost of replacing items lost in transit is covered as well, so if an airline loses your luggage in the rush to get people back into the air, you will have some help in buying new items.
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