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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • International students health insurance waiver forms

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In many universities in the USA, international students are required to have health insurance coverage before starting their classes. The universities that make health insurance mandatory generally also offer coverage through plans from companies that have tied up with them. All students are usually considered to be signed into a "base plan", unless they specifically request to be waived off.

Since the plan(s) offered by the university tie-ins might not be suitable for every one, many students decide to buy their own coverage from outside. This is, of course, permitted by the university. But, it is mandatory to inform them of your decision to opt out of their group policy. The theory seems to be: if you need coverage, don't do anything; if you don't need coverage, tell us that you are opting out.

A waiver form needs to be filled and submitted to the university. Many university websites have an option where the student can log in and select the "waive out" or "opt out" option, and provide details of the alternate policy.

Most websites that sell health insurance to international students also help the student by providing a completed waiver form. Ask for it, in case they don't give you one. It can save you hundreds of dollars, and a lot of confusion and follow-ups later. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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