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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

As a student at a young age of 20 or so, one has a belief that forever being healthy is a real possibility. And, why not? Going a whole year without ever seeing the inside of a doctor’s clinic is not so rare for young students. Or statistically speaking, a couple of visits to the doctor with a total medical expense of around $200 a year is the average in most countries in the student fraternity. When the expenses seem so low, does it still make sense to insure oneself? Or a more pertinent question - does this mean that it is worth being uninsured?

Most probably, no.

There are no two opinions about it - medical expenses in the USA are not cheap. Think of something common and not-so-scary - an appendicitis operation. It might end up costing upwards of $25,000 in most US hospitals. An unplanned expenditure of this scale can pretty much cripple many a budget. Auto accidents are another major reason for unplanned health care expenditure. They say accidents are not planned - but then, nor is the money needed to take care of it, if one should occur.

Health insurance for students takes care of these and many more scenarios that might seem improbable today, but might actually be lurking just down the turn. Gist of all this is - No, it might not be worth the risk. Good news, it might be a lot cheaper than you expected.

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