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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Is your health insurance coverage adequate?

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Just having insurance coverage is not enough. The insurance coverage has to be adequate too. Many a student has learned this truth the hard way. Especially those involved in sports, and covered by the University.

The University says, “You concentrate on the sport. We will take care if you sustain any injuries.” To a large extent and in most cases they are honest and correct in that claim. But there are still some things you have to take care, if you use the coverage provided by your school or college.

  1. Know about your policy: Make sure that your policy covers all possible reasons for which you may need coverage. Knee/shoulder problems that might result from “overuse” are sometimes excluded.
  2. Follow up with your school/college: If you use the benefits of the policy, make sure the doctors, hospitals, etc. are paid on time. Due to administrative reasons, Universities some times end up delaying payment. Remember, it hurts your credit-worthiness, not the University’s.
  3. Buy more insurance (if you have to): If at any point you feel your University-provided coverage doesn’t seem adequate, get extra coverage for yourself. And don’t forget the sports rider.
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