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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Keeping your Health Insurance card safe and accessible

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All of us who have health insurance coverage are provided with a health insurance card, which is usually the size of a credit card. The card, as we should realize, is in itself a very important document.

An organized student may be in the habit of keeping all the documents secure in a folder. A typical student, of course, will look up for something only when it is required. Well... Neither of these works for a health insurance card.

Of course, the card has to be kept safely at all times. One has to take care of the health insurance card as seriously as one does with a credit card. Maybe, more than that. The reason being - a credit card is used very regularly and if it gets misplaced, one comes to know of it immediately. The health card on the other hand will only be used very rarely, and it is essential to make sure it won't be missed when standing at a pharmacy, or in the queue of an emergency room.

But, the card can't be filed away elsewhere either. It has to be on your person at all times, in your wallet. It may be needed at any time, anywhere. In case of an emergency where you may not be conscious, someone else can check your wallet for the health card.

Keep it safe, keep it accessible. It will serve its purpose more efficiently only then. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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