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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Lack of Student Insurance Might Lead to Non-Medical Complications!

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Although most colleges require all students to be insured during their study (international students must be enrolled in an international student health insurance plan), colleges are finding it tough to ensure that all students are valid. One university recently issued a statement that more than ten percent of its students are uninsured.

The reasons for this are many: Students submit information of comparable insurance that is not audited for all students, and sometimes, students purchase insurance only to cancel it later. However, living in the United States without insurance can be disastrous, especially for international students.

While uninsured U.S. citizens might be able to get coverage under their parents’ plan, international students must purchase insurance in order to receive medical benefits. If the college-sponsored plan seems too expensive, ensure that you shop around for the best rates.

Remember that the next illness or infection can be lurking just around the corner, and living without insurance, even for a day, can mean several thousand dollars in medical fees. While being uninsured may go undetected, it is a slippery road to take. Colleges could have clauses with punitive action in case of non-compliance, and that could lead to fines or other more serious issues.
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