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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Last-Minute Coverage for Study Abroad Students

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“I just found out I got accepted on an overseas study program. I start college abroad next week and there’s so much to organize – can I leave my health insurance until things calm down?” No, not if you’re being sensible. No matter how much packing you need to do and the number of last-minute details you need to check off your list, you should make study abroad insurance a priority.

It’s easy to arrange. Book coverage online by filling out an application form and your coverage can begin as early as the next day (waiting periods may occur for pre-existing conditions) and you can download all your documents within minutes – perfect for disorganized students and those of you that leave things to the last minute.

Study abroad health insurance protects you if you fall ill when you’re studying abroad and provides coverage for hospitalization, surgery, evacuation and drugs. So as soon as the coverage starts, the better.

Study abroad insurance is also renewable, depending on the plan you select. So if you decide, at the last minute, to stay another year abroad your insurance can continue with you.

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