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  • Thursday, February 21, 2019

  • Manitoba Exchange Students Need Not Worry About Spending Their Own Money For Insurance

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Foreign exchange students in Manitoba would be happy to know that soon, they will not need to spend so much of their own money to get an international student insurance policy. This is because Manitoba’s provincial government has recently announced that it will shoulder the expense for these students’ health benefits.

Currently, international students in the province are not eligible for student aid, plus they have to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money just to get private health insurance. With this initiative from the provincial government, it will certainly feel like a heavy weight lifted off the shoulders of these international students.

This initiative from the government will cover international students in the province of Manitoba, regardless of whether the students are attending post-secondary universities or high schools. This initiative will be implemented by April of 2012.

The provincial government of Manitoba is doing this in order to compete with other provinces when it comes to attracting international students. Because international student insurance is vital to every foreign student, this government initiative has a very high possibility of convincing students to choose an exchange program at the Universities of Manitoba.

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