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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Mental, Dental, and Cosmetic health care

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One of the most important clauses a student needs to be aware of in an international student medical insurance plan are the exclusions. No health plan in the world promises to cover everything. Health insurance can not work that way. So, it is a good practice to read and understand what all is not covered by the policy. It saves the unnecessary effort spent in making a claim and getting a claim denied letter, and the anger and incredulity that usually follows a denied claim.

Regular dental checkup is not covered. A dental procedure caused by an accident and/or recommended by a doctor as essential for health of the policy-holder will be covered. Contact the insurance company for clarifications.

Plastic surgeries, nose lifts, lip enhancements, etc. are usually not covered. A burn or an accident which needs skin grafting or plastic surgery, will be covered. Again, the procedure has to be recommended by the doctor and should be deemed to be necessary for the policy holder's health.

Consultations and treatment with a psychiatrist or a psychologist, unless recommended by a doctor are not covered. Mental health treatments are just not covered in many policies, and may be partly covered by some. Read the offer document carefully and call up the insurer's office to clarify beforehand. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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