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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • New U.S. Healthcare Won’t Apply to International Students

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Over this past weekend, the United States passed an historic new law that seeks to guarantee health insurance coverage for all citizens. While the regulations of the program are still being digested and understood by American citizens, we do know that international students visiting the United States will still need international student medical insurance.

The new program is aimed at permanent residents, so international students who choose to attend school in the U.S. will not be eligible for coverage. And even though those students may be staying as little as one semester, it is still quite important that they have medical insurance coverage.

Without insurance coverage, they will have to pay full price for medical care, which can easily reach hundreds of dollars for simple doctor's visits and prescriptions. Not many students have that kind of extra money lying around, so they need insurance to help absorb the bulk of the costs.

So before you head to the U.S. to add a new dimension to your academic experience, be sure to study up on healthcare policies so you can properly understand your insurance needs. Otherwise you could wind up stuck with bills you cannot afford to pay. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

International Student Insurance (requires student status)
Visitor Insurance (does not require student status)